Jessica Martini, Tall Girl Yogi

Like my guest this month, I realized early on that “one size fits all” does not apply to me being a tall female. I was attempting to do a yoga class and all I could think about was “I am too tall for this”. During the class I remembered I had come across someone on IG with the handle @tallgirlyogi, I reached out to Jessica Martini to find out her tall girl story and to give me yoga tips. (LOL) I love being able to find my fellow Height Goddesses to share our stories.

Click Read More below to listen to our conversation + find out what type of yoga Jessica suggest I try.

Laila Muhammad of Morning Dose, Women's History Month

The month of March has so much going on - its's three months in to the new year, we're thinking about those new year resolutions we set, we are completely over winter and ready to drink wine on a beautiful patio and we have 31 days of female empowerment with Women's History Month. That said, my guest is perfect to represent tall women as part of Women's History. Click Read More below to find out who I'm talking about and to listen to our conversation. 

Marlen Komar, What If Every Outfit You Wore Made You Feel Amazing

My guest this month entered my life at the right moment...I was standing in my closet saying to myself "I don't want to wear any of this" when I came across an article "How I (Painlessly!) Purged 80 Percent of My Closet", by Marlen Komar. After reading more I found out Marlen is a fellow Height Goddess and she travels internationally half of the year...WHAT, I just had to talk with her! Click Read More below, to listen to Marlen share her tips on purging your closet and her experiences as a freelance writer. 

Lavida Samuel, Keeping Our Long Limbs Moisturized

Lotion or Body Butter? Ummm, body butter all day everyday. Just so happens that one of my favorite body butters is made by fellow Height Goddess, Lavida Samuel. We're discussing how her products can make our long limbs look even better, why she loves being a tall woman, what lead her to create her own line of body products and of course you know we talk about relationships! Click Read More below, to listen to Lavida share her experiences being a tall woman and running a successful business.