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Choose to DO...

The year-end holidays are a time of reflection that inspire many people to donate their time and money to charitable organizations. For this month’s episode, I’ve CHOSEN Dozie Oheri, the creatively empowered founder of the non-profit organization, Choose to DO, Inc.

Click on the Read More Below tab to find out how she’s motivating children to be more confident in their own skin through the power of positive thinking, supportive affirmations, and life skill trainings.

Giraffes & Jewels with Madison Hunnicutt

What happens when you make eye contact with a fellow Height Goddess? I make a bee line to go introduce myself and find out their tall girl story. That’s exactly what happened when I saw Madison Hunnicut. I’m pretty sure the other people there thought I was crazy, however I was adhering to the tall girl code to go chat it up and exchange tall tips. Madison is pretty cool and I LOVE her name, click Read More below to find out for yourself!