Nache Snow, Who would you be if you knew you could not fail?

Hey Girl Hey! I am still riding high and fierce as we continue to celebrate how incredibly awesome we are during Women’s History Month! In this episode, I am joined by graphic designer and creator of the inspiring podcast, “Studio 78”, Nache’ Snow. She’s a multi-passionate person who is definitely comfortable and confident in the beautiful skin she’s in. I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot in this episode, and I would like for you to do the same. So, grab a seat and relax for a bit as we talk about finding our “Niche with Nache’.

Lisa Peters, Defining Your Personal Excellence

Happy New Year! This month’s episode is all about motivation and positivity, I chose the awe-inspiring, Lisa Peters of Eye Inspire Events. Not only is she gifted in planning the most unforgettable events, but she is an amazing keynote speaker and talk show host, sharing golden nuggets of wisdom and brilliant messages of encouragement. Click on the Read More link below to find out how Lisa empowers individuals to realize their own potential and achieve great things.

Dr. Kat Smith, I’m Tall You’re Not…

My guest this month is Dr. Kat Smith, she’s a TedX speaker, certified intimacy expert, founder of the School of Intimate Knowledge, and author of “I’m TALL, You’re Not – So That Makes Us Even” which is the perfect book title. Her book is infused with humor and wit, filled with the ups and downs of being a statuesque female in today’s society.

Click Read More below to listen to our conversation + find out her experience and excitement of meeting her doppelganger.

Jessica Martini, Tall Girl Yogi

Like my guest this month, I realized early on that “one size fits all” does not apply to me being a tall female. I was attempting to do a yoga class and all I could think about was “I am too tall for this”. During the class I remembered I had come across someone on IG with the handle @tallgirlyogi, I reached out to Jessica Martini to find out her tall girl story and to give me yoga tips. (LOL) I love being able to find my fellow Height Goddesses to share our stories.

Click Read More below to listen to our conversation + find out what type of yoga Jessica suggest I try.

Laila Muhammad of Morning Dose, Women's History Month

The month of March has so much going on - its's three months in to the new year, we're thinking about those new year resolutions we set, we are completely over winter and ready to drink wine on a beautiful patio and we have 31 days of female empowerment with Women's History Month. That said, my guest is perfect to represent tall women as part of Women's History. Click Read More below to find out who I'm talking about and to listen to our conversation.