Business Owner

Lavida Samuel, Keeping Our Long Limbs Moisturized

Lotion or Body Butter? Ummm, body butter all day everyday. Just so happens that one of my favorite body butters is made by fellow Height Goddess, Lavida Samuel. We're discussing how her products can make our long limbs look even better, why she loves being a tall woman, what lead her to create her own line of body products and of course you know we talk about relationships! Click Read More below, to listen to Lavida share her experiences being a tall woman and running a successful business. 

Monique Ambers, Professional Athlete to Business Owner

One of my other passions is talking to other business owners about what their doing to be successful in their business. My guest this month is Monique Ambers, owner of a State Farm Agency in Sacramento, CA. Talking with Monique was like OMG you are speaking my language, we talked about being tall women, what it takes to be a successful business owner, dating, fashion, let's just say we had a great time! Click Read More below, to listen to her share her experiences as a tall high school girl.